Amazon Echo and I LumoS WIFI On/Off and WIFI Dimmer switches Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to get your I LumoS WIFI switches working with your Remote control, The Broadlink RM PRO and via voice control the Amazon Alexa from your IOS and Android Device

Please note that currently due to certain limitations of the IHC (Intelligent Home Center) App by Broadlink some of the instructions may seem unorthodox. We are currently working together with Broadlink to overcome these limitations and get our Switches Working seamlessly with the Amazon Alexa. Please also note that the Broadlink Skill is currently not available via accounts but is Available on accounts. This will require a migration of your account to account to download and enable the Skill. This may cause certain skills to be lost so please beware. Once the skill has been enabled you may migrate back to the account. If you already have an account you will not need to perform the migration. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department.


  1. From the App store search and Download the IHC (Intelligent Home Centre) App.
  2. Open the IHC App and create an account or Sign in with Facebook
  3. Click Add Device
  4. Click Add by categories and choose RM PRO or RM PRO+ Please check your model.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen
  6. If your device cannot connect to the RM PRO ensure that your router is not on 5GHZ or dual band 2.4GHZ/5GHZ as RM PRO does not support 5GHZ
  7. Once connected you can rename your Device and click Done
  8. Click TV and choose PHILIPS
  9. Click “Yes, my TV is Off”
  10. Press Button 1 and Click Yes
  11. Rename the Device to the Light switch you wish to control, such as Bedroom Lights and choose the corresponding location below
  12. Skip all and press No Prompt
  13. Press the 3 Dots on the top right and Select Learn
  14. Relearn buttons for On/Off, VOL+ and VOL- with the corresponding buttons on the remote control for Dimmer switches and On/Off for Non-Dimmer switches and Press Save
  15. Migrate your account to on the Amazon website if you have not already done so
  16. Once your Amazon account is migrated, open the Alexa app and search for Broadlink under the skills tab
  17. Enable the Broadlink Remote Control Skill
  18. Login with your IHC Credentials
  19. Press Done when successfully linked
  20. Select Discover Devices or Add Devices
  21. Once Alexa has discovered your device you are ready to use the Voice commands to control the lights. Please note that the commands for On and Off are the same, the commands for dimming lights is volume down and making them brighter is volume up.


Please check this page regularly for any updates. Please contact us on +44 (0) 208 368 7970 if you have any questions or concerns.