Broadlink RM PRO Instructions

Thank you for purchasing I LumoS WIFI Light switches and the Broadlink RM PRO WIFI Device. To connect the Broadlink RM PRO successfully with your Router and the I LumoS WIFI Switches please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services if you need any further assistance.

  1. Connect the Broadlink RM PRO Device to a mains port in the range of your Router.
  2. Reset the device by sticking and holding a pin for 5 seconds on the side of the device where it says Reset and then let go until you get a fast flashing blue light
  3. Download the Broadlink RM PRO app from your appstore, called e-control.
  4. Sign up for an account using the instructions on the app
  5. Input your WIFI password when prompted and create a wireless connection between the Router and the Broadlink device. If connection cannot be made in the first attempt please reset the Broadlink device and ensure that you are connected to the correct Router and not another Hub.
  6. Once the connection has been successfully made please press the Plus sign on the top right of the app and choose Add Remote and choose the option you prefer from the following list. You may choose TC1 and TC2 for on/off switches but we recommend using the User Defined option which will give you the ability to add more Switches on the same page and create buttons for dimming when using the WIFI Dimmer switches.
  7. Once the User Defined option is chosen, choose Sort in Random and a blank page will open.
  8. On the top right corner press the setting button and choose Sort-add. After Press the Plus button on the top left corner.
  9. Choose your icon from either taking a picture or from the icons gallery. It may be a good idea to choose the power button for the button used for turning the switch on/off and the negative and plus signs for dimming.
  10. Rename the Icon as you see fit and press save.
  11. You can move the icon with your finger to any position on the screen and press save
  12. Press once on the icon, choose Learn Single which will bring you to learning mode for the switch you are pairing the button to. Please note that each action such as dimming and each Switch button will need a new Icon in order to operate them individually. You will also require 1 Remote control for each Gang on a WIFI Dimmer switch and for WIFI On/off switches ensure that each Icon uses a completely new Button a Remote control. This is important to operate each Gang Individually
  13. When you are on learning mode press the corresponding button on the remote control in order for Broadlink to learn that action, this is actioned when the remote control is already synced. If you have not synced the remote yet please follow the instructions for synchronising the remote control to the switch. As you pair the remote to the switch the Broadlink will also learn that action.
  14. If the learning action is successful it will ask you to Test the button to ensure that it is working. If not then please re-learn the action.
  15. Please follow steps 8 to 14 for each Gang and if you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us.