General FAQs

What size backbox do the I LumoS Light switches require?

  • A 35mm depth box is required for perfect installation of these switches.

Are these switches certified?

  • Yes, we only sell products which are CE, FC & ROHS certified.

What is the operating power of the light switches?

  • The I LumoS range can work between 3 – 700 Watts per Gang. 2 Way Dimmer switches can work between 3 – 200 Watts per Gang

Is it possible to use these switches in the bathroom?

  • Yes, these switches work up to 93% humidity levels and are safe to use. We do however recommend that these switches are not used in direct splash zones and only used in zones 2 & above.

Are all switches Dimmable?

  • No, only the Dimmer Touch sensor Switch option, Remote Dimmer Switch and the WIFI Remote Dimmer options are dimmable.

Is there a 3 or 4 way switch?

  • All I LumoS Touch Controlled 2 Way switches can be configured to work 3 or 4 way. To check how to wire the switches correctly please refer to the wiring diagram provided with your switches. For any queries please contact the customer service team. All I LumoS Touch Controlled 2 Way switches can also be used as an intermediate switch.

Can the 2 Way switches be used with ordinary switches?

  • As these switches work with electronic signals it is not possible to use these switches with mechanical switches.

Do I need to change any of the wiring to install these switches?

  • Our switches do not require any extra parts or wires to install. They are installed with existing wiring and are very easy to install and operate.

Are these switches standard UK Size?

  • All our single switches and sockets are standard 86 X 86 mm and will fit easily into existing backboxes, provided that the depth is enough.

What is the operational length of these switches?

  • These switches are designed to last well over 100,000 hours from the date of first use.

Do your products come with a warranty?

  • All products are sold with 2 Year warranty, so if any problems arise please contact us.

Are the switches compatible with LED lights?

  • All our light switches are compatible with most LED lights. If you are using Dimmer switches please ensure that the LED lights are dimmable.

I have 2 core wiring in my house for my 2 way switching, can I still use the 2 Way switches?

  • Absolutely, as our switches only require 2 of the 3 cores to be connected for 2 way switches 2 core cabling will be sufficient.