Please use the following instructions to install the led adapters provided.

  • Why does my LED light flicker or flash? : The flickering occurs when using low power LED lights or possibly low quality LED lights, or transformers that allow a trickle of current to leak into the light switch which causes the lights to flicker or flash.
  • What is the LED adapter and why is it needed: The led adapter is a capacitor, and when used it is designed to suppress any current leak and stop the flickering.
  • Where the adapters are installed: The LED adapters are installed directly onto the lights. Please see the installation diagrams below. There are no positive and negative terminals on the adapters so either one of the cables are attached in parallel to the blue and the other cable on the brown cable of the LED transformer. Multiple adapters up to 3 can be installed on the same light if needed.
  • What to do when 1 adapter doesn’t stop the problem: When 1 adapter is not enough please use as many as required. You can install 3 adapters on a single LED Light or spread them around multiple LED lights if necessary. As long as all the LED lights are connected in serial then installing multiple LED adapters on one location should work for all Lights as the current passes through them all in a single line. If the lights are connected in parallel then 1 on each light may be needed or at the point where they are joined together.
  • Are they safe to use?: The LED adapters are made from ceramic material and are flame resistant. As current flows through them they will get hot but this is normal as heat is the byproduct of the adapter. The cables are also flame resistant.
  • Who should install the adapters?: We always recommend the installation to be carried out by a qualified electrician. If you are going to install the adapters yourself please take caution and turn off all electrics as to avoid any shocks.

LED Adapter Wiring