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I LumoS AS Luxury Gold Mirror Glass Single Telephone Socket

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£10.99 - £10.99
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Luxury & Unique Toughened Glass Frame Screwless Electric Wall Sockets & Switches, available in Black, White & Gold, that is very user-friendly and will give any a facelift with its beautiful design. The Glass Frame Sockets are a perfect match for all I LumoS Glass Light Switches.
I LumoS is more than just a name. It is a Brand you can Trust. I LumoS brings the best out of your home without having to break the bank. Why not bring that Beauty, Simplicity and Enhancement into your home.
All Sockets carry the BS 1363 Certification Mark

These sockets are a standard fit into any 35 mm deep double backbox. The socket will require a loop connection between the Earth Terminals 
Technical Data
Brand I LumoS
Product Type Glass Sockets and Switches
Available Colour White, Black, Gold
Operating Voltage 110-250V AC / 50-60Hz
Mechanical Life 100,000 times Usage
Warranty 2 Years
Single Panel Size 86 x 90 x 25mm (Fits into 35mm Single Box)
Double Panel Size 146 x 90 x 25mm (Fits into 35mm Double Box)
Triple Panel Size 226 x 86 x 25mm (3 Single or Our Triple Back box)
Working Temperature (-)20 to 70°C
Certification CE / FC / RoHS / UKCA / BS EN 1363
Capability Allowance (-)15% to (+)10%
Glass Material Toughened Tempered Glass/Scratch Resistant
Frame Thickness 4mm
Variety Please ask for further details as any combination is available
Use For Indoor Use Only
Returns 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Finish Screwless
Dimmer Load 300 Watts