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I LumoS LED 18 Watt Round Dimmable UltraSlim 10mm Recessed Panel Light

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These LED lights come with everything needed to simply clip into place and brighten your room. They are installed using standard wiring and can be installed by a Qualified Electrician. They simply replace any standard Light and works perfectly with any LED compatible light switch including the I LumoS LED Touch Light Switches

I LumoS TM is a trademarked product and is available to be used in all rooms of your home, business and establishment. The I LumoS range compliment your home with a unique and luxurious style that will bring your home into the 21st Century. I LumoS LEDs are all manufactured to the highest quality. The unique design removes the need for the traditional halogen lights & bring a modern and stylish look to enhance your property.

Our LED Lights are of the highest quality that will face any condition used. The LED Lights are made with one of the best quality LED Chips in the market. The High-Quality material makes it ideal use for indoor and outdoor use. The Voltage and Frequency capabilities of the Lights ensure that the LEDs can be used all over the World in any country.