Operation FAQs

I am having difficulty with the wiring, what should I do?

  • All electrical products should always be installed by a fully qualified electrician. Instructions are enclosed with the switches on how to wire them correctly.

I have purchased a 3 Gang Switch but only have 4 terminals, is that correct?

  • That is correct, on these switches there is only 1 terminal for Permanent live cables so all permanent live cables are installed in L slot. The other slots L1 to L3 are for corresponding buttons.

My switch works does not respond correctly with the Glass Panel on but works perfectly without the glass panel, is there a fault?

  • In most cases No. The reason for this is because during installation when the sensor is pressed down the thickness of the sensor gets reduced creating a gap between the sensor and the glass panel. To eliminate this please ensure that the switch is not screwed in too tight, place the glass panel on, turn off the main for 45 minutes which will allow the sensor to readjust its thickness and close the gap. If this doesn’t work please repeat the steps or call our Team which will be happy to help,

I am having problems with the 2 Way switch, is it faulty?

  • In most cases the issue comes from incorrect wiring of the switches. Please ensure that correct guidelines are followed on the Wiring diagram issues with all 2 Way switches. If the wiring is incorrect the switches will not operate correctly. The wiring diagram is very specific and will ensure correct operation. Our team has excellent knowledge of the operation of these switches and are always happy to help.

I have installed the 2 Way switches correctly, however when I turn one switch on I can’t turn it off from the other switch, is there something wrong?

  • Correctly followed instructions will ensure correct operation. The reason behind this issue is that if the switches are installed when the mains are on or one at a time it can lead to both switches thinking that they are both master switches. Wiring them correctly at the same time before testing them will ensure that the switch with no wire connected in the Load terminal will know that it is the Slave switch. To overcome this problem please disconnect both switches for 45 minutes which will give them time to reset and then rewire them according to the diagram. If the problem persists please contact us and we will resolve the situation quickly and efficiently for you.

My LED lights are flickering, what do I do?

  • If you are using LED lights are have flickering and flashing issues please refer to the LED adapter instructions which will explain what to do in case of and flickering and flashing

My LED lights are not working properly, is there a fault?

  • In most cases no. Can you please double check the power of the LED light you are using and ensure that each individual LED light is above the minimum working power of the Light switch which is 3 Watts. Due to the way LED lights work we recommend using above 3 Watt LED lights for correct operation.

Can I synchronise more than 1 remote per switch?

  • Absolutely, you can sync more than 1 remote per switch & even per gang so you have spares